Implementation of New Master Programs

Quality review meeting of master program in vocational pedagogy conducted



Quality review meeting of master on inclusive education conducted

On 29 May 2017, the University of Bologna representatives had a review meeting with the staff and management of the master program on inclusive education at the University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Education focusing on the implementation of master program to date and issues that need to be considered in future. The review meeting was focused on the implementation of the laboratory module as well as the work conducted in helping students conduct Master thesis. University of Bologna colleagues provided concrete suggestions how University of Prishtina should take forward. In addition, the University of Bologna staff met also Master students of inclusive education program and discussed the issues around the experience in the program and ideas for master thesis research.



Equipment of labs for practical learning provided for successful implementation of master programs

Following a careful and consultative approach of needs assessment for creating the conditions for successful learning in schools, the project provided the necessary lab conditions for Master students in the area of chemistry, physics and biology. The equipment were targeting the facilitation of successful learning for future teachers given the anticipation of school system for these teachers to teach this content in schools. The equipment are in use and were made available for students at the start of implementation of Masters’ program in October 2016.


Furthermore, on 10 May 2017, Faculty of Education organized an open day for the first time. This event was meant to invite selected school students, directors and media in which cases University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Education students would demonstrate the use of the lab equipment. Media were interested in this activity and among other things the Public Broadcaster had a live session in the morning program covering this event.(See the link: )



Student satisfaction survey results were presented to the staff

The report of the student satisfaction survey conducted at the end of the first semester was presented to the management and staff of the Faculty of Education on February 10th. The report was presented with the view of identifying the biggest challenges students have faced. Following the presentation, a discussion was moderated by the management of the Faculty of Education on how best to address those challenges in the second semester of the studies and beyond. Concrete ideas were agreed upon on how to proceed further.