Modernizing Teacher Education at the University of Prishtina About the project

The ultimate goal of the project is to modernize pre-service teacher education in Kosovo in light of (i) demands of national policies and regulations, (ii) the need to further professionalize teaching position, (iii) the implementation of new Kosovo Curriculum Framework (2011), and (iv) following the major EU trends in teacher education. Outcomes based education is a major principle that the new Kosovo Curriculum Framework emphasizes, thus it remains a major driver for the change process in teaching and learning at school and a pressure at University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Education to modernize pedagogical practices.


The project will serve as a tool to determine a basis and principles of pre-service teacher education program development to be used as a reference for future. Furthermore, the project aims to standardize teacher education at pre-service level whereby all prospective teachers will have same/similar background when entering the profession. In this context, standardization of teacher education is seen as positive in the sense of interrupting current practice when in-service education is filling the gaps of pre-service training.


The major project intervention areas are:

-          Curriculum Development for Subject Teacher Education at Master level. The Project is meant to develop Master Programs for subject teacher education. In addition the project targeted the development of master program on inclusive education to help school improve the practice of mainstreaming special needs education students into regular schooling.


-          Revision of the existing Master Programs – Faculty of Education has developed through EU TEMPUS program (JEP 144667) two Master Programs (“Educational Leadership” & “Curriculum and Teaching”). These programs will be reviewed in light of implementation experiences to date.


-          Development of Master Program for Vocational Education teachers will be treated as a specific focus of the project. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, there has been no previous experience in pre-service teacher education (pedagogical training) for vocational education teachers in Kosovo. Secondly, vocational education profile is specific and requires special treatment of course and program development including the attention to the working life-cooperation.


-          Capacity building for the staff of Faculty of Education (teacher educators) – in order to be able to develop and deliver programs that reflect modern pedagogy that ongoing school reform in Kosovo is demanding, capacity building for teacher educators is considered a critical component of this activity. In order to provide a program tailored to the needs of staff members of the Faculty of Education, a needs assessment will be conducted in order to review the background of all staff, and identify the needs and gaps in the professional development by providing a possibility that staff themselves will be able to indicate their priority needs. Capacity building will be provided in light of the spirit of the new pedagogy (outcomes-based education and learner centered methodology) that is driving the development of new Master Programs. Capacity building is also provided in the form of exchange and collaboration between University of Prishtina and EU partner Universities staff.


-          Improving conditions for the quality implementation of new Master programs – implementing the new Master programs will require a certain conditions and supportive environment that lead to quality of program implementation. This component includes the provision of statistical and qualitative data analysis programs, purchase of equipment such as photocopiers, smart board tables, and computers. In addition, the development of supportive documents such as the Manual for Guiding the Assessment Practices, Program Implementation Manual, Final Thesis Writing Manual as well as the manual on Outcomes-Based Education are meant as supporting the implementation of new programs. The Outcomes-Based Education manual will serve as a supporting tool for program delivery, staff development as well as learning resource for students.


-          Enhancing the cooperation with the schools related to student teaching placement and research activities – Empowering the cooperation between the school system and Faculty of Education is considered crucial in order to lead to quality student teaching as a critical component of teacher education. The project will support the capacity building of school mentors (300 teachers) by providing a tailor made training program for selected schools mentors as well as by developing the necessary resource guide for school mentors, student teachers and faculty supervisors in ensuring a quality student teaching.


-          Developing the research strategy for the Faculty of Education is seen as (i) a reference point for staff capacity building at Faculty of Education, (ii) orientation for the nature and focus of student Master Thesis, (iii) a framework for the implementation of the action research projects envisaged to be carried out under this project through the involvement of Master students and Faculty of Education staff, and (iv) tool to drive the development of Faculty of Education in the future as the institution that will contribute to the development of teaching profession through quality research activities.


The project implementation time is December 01, 2013 until November 30, 2017.


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