Research development support workshop and study visit at University of Bedfordshire completed

During the period 26 March – April 1 (2017), a delegation of 10 University of Prishtina staff participated in a workshop combined with a study visit at the University of Bedfordshire. The visit was aimed at supporting two research projects that the teams of University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Education have been conducting through the support of the project. The two research projects were: the role of ICT in teaching and learning; The current realities of formative assessment at the Kosovo school system. The workshop was planned in a form that it would provide the academics to both study the practices of UK in these two areas as well as provide the support and feedback to the two teams in advancing the implementation of the research projects. The teams had access to both the literature as well as advise from professors of University of Bedfordshire. The workshop ended with presentation of research progress by the two teams as well as outline of the process until final implementation of research projects. In parallel, the programme had also envisaged school visits for the University of Prishtina staff in relation to the research interest and teaching practice of individual professors as well as small tailored workshop on qualitative and quantitative data analysis. The Agenda can be accessed HERE


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