Research support visits of the first group of University of Prishtina academic staff to University of Ljubljana

Ten staff from the University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Education have stayed at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Education during 05-10 March 2017. The purpose of the stay was the development of the research capacities of the staff, more specifically the teams of staff had been working on some research ideas throughout the project implementation of the purpose of the visit to Ljubljana was an additional attempt to support the implementation of those research projects. During the week a series of workshops were held in which the staff of University of Prishtina has presented the progress in the research projects while the staff of the University of Ljubljana has provided the feedback and suggestions. In addition, there has been bilateral meetings and review sessions in order to support individuals and teams in advancing their research work. Also, the staff of the University of Prishtina staff has had the opportunity to participate in various lectures ongoing at the University of Lubljana during that week. publikimi2

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