Sixth project coordination meeting held at University of Ljubljana

On dates 09-10th 2017, the 6th project coordination meeting was held at the University of Ljubljana with the participation of all project partners. The meeting was also combined with academic meeting with a focus on designing research strategy for the Faculty of Education at the University of Prishtina. The first day of the meeting was focused on the review of the draft research strategy for the University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Education. The participants were divided into groups to be able to give concrete feedback on how to elaborate the draft strategy in the coming months. On the 2nd day of the meeting, the main focus was the review of activities and planning the remaining period of project implementation. The focus on this day was specifically placed at the process of evaluating the assignments in the capacity building workshops as well as the timelines and people responsible for individual modules. In addition, the meeting also focused on the organization of the final dissemination project for the conference and a draft program was agreed upon. The details of all remaining activities, focusing on those with EU participation were agreed upon. You can access the agenda for the coordination meeting HERE


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