Teacher educator capacity building program completed

During the dates 12-15 November 2017, the European Partners (from Bedford University, University of Ljubljana and JAMK University) held the final workshops with the staff of the University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Education. The purpose of the workshops was to conduct the assessment of assignments that workshops participants had prepared as pat of the requirement for completing the capacity building program. The workshops also served as a way to clarify issues for the participants who needed additional time for submitting the certification assignments. This marked the completion of the capacity building program as planned and the certification of the participants will be done during the final project conference in November 2017.


The workshop also served as a mechanism to conduct formative evaluation of the quality of the capacity building program. Participants were asked to reflect on the experiences in this program, the learning that took place plus the challenges that were faced during this process. Following individual assessment, a group discussion was conducted to understand the participant feedback. This feedback will serve as an input in the final project report and eventual future projections.


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